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Harp Shop
Harp Shop
90 Seconds to Expertly Crafted Harps
Harp Shop

Providing Quality Harps and Harp Accessories Since 1963

Robinson's Harp Shop built and sold folk harps from 1963 - 1984.  Its primary objective since then, however, has been to promote the folk harp by providing hardware, string design, custom-made strings, plans, books, and other harp-related products.

About Us

Family Owned Since 1963

Our family is passionate about harps. We are dedicated to bringing you only the highest quality handcrafted harps strings. 

Harp Shop
Harp SHop
Harp Shop

Harp Shop



What is Robinson's Harp Shop?

Robinsons Harp Shop is a family-owned harp shop that has been handcrafting harps and harp accessories since 1963.  Currently its primary objective since then, however, has been to promote the folk harp by providing hardware, string design, custom-made strings, plans, books, and other harp-related products. Robinson's Harp Shop, Vermont Strings and North Shore Strings manufacture custom strings for harp players around the world.  Each wrapped string is hand-crafted; the core of each wrapped string is placed under tension as it is made.  Individual strings and string sets can be made for most harps as we have string specifications for hundreds of harps on file.  If specifications are not known, we can design strings that will work for your harp.


How do I order harp strings from Robinson's Harp Shop?



To ensure satisfaction, we need certain information.  When ordering a wrapped string, specify its composition (e.g. N/N or SFC - see above), diameters of core and wrap, and its vibrating length ("V/L" - distance from soundboard hole to bridge pin, measured in inches).  Ample core will be included on the string to attach it to its tuning peg.  If you do not have the core/wrap information, send us a piece of the broken string and its vibrating length.  If your harp maker provided a string chart, please send a copy.  Telephone or e-mail us if you have any questions. To order a set of strings, complete the harp string worksheet located on the strings page or for $20.00 we will design a custom set of strings for your harp.  Simply provide us with the vibrating lengths of all strings and the desired range.  CUSTOM SETS SPECIFIED BY THE CUSTOMER ARE NOT REFUNDABLE.  Please allow 10 working days to make your strings.  Don't panic, plan ahead and always have a spare set!



How often should I change my strings?

There isn’t a set rule about when to replace your harp strings, you know your harp best and should replace them when it feels right to you. Some people change out old strings every couple of years while others only change their strings when they break. If you feel your strings sound dull or don’t have the liveliness your remember when the strings were fresh go ahead and change them. If you have steel wound strings remember that they can corrode and lose their tone over time. Be mindful that it may be time to replace if your wound strings became to unwrap.


What kind of strings should I use on my harp?

The strings you use on your harp depend on the type of harp you own and how you play it. Nylon strings tend to sound very bright in tone, are cheaper, and have a very long lifespan. Many harpists choose to use these longer lasting strings for the 1st or 2nd octave. Many lever harps use nylon strings in all the octaves. If you are interested in changing the type of strings you are using on your harp, please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about the differences. If you are unsure what kind of string you need, please contact us before placing your order. We fill orders exactly as they are placed, and cannot be held responsible if you order the wrong item.


Why Are Harp Strings Different Colors?

To make playing easier for a harpist! A harp can have up to 47 strings, so as guides or reference points for the harpist, you can use different colors for different notes as identifiers.  If you are interested in ordering harp string or have any questions about harp strings or maintenance feel free to call us with questions. 


I’m not sure which strings to get for my harp, can you help me?

Yes, at Robinsons Harp we are very knowledgeable about harp strings and can help design a set of strings for your harps. It cost 20 extra dollars for us to design a custom set for your harp and it is non-refundable. If you have questions about this service feel free to call us with questions. 


Does Robinsons Harp offer any custom harp plans?

Yes, Robison’s Harp offers a variety of custom harp plans.  Please browse our list of plans on our website and contact us if you have any questions about purchasing a harp plan.


How do I care for my harp?

The best tool for cleaning your harp is a simple 100% cotton cloth. This should be used on a regular basis to wipe off the perspiration, dust and oil which can accumulate on the wooden portions of your harp. Our Lyon & Healy Harp Polish can be applied directly to a cotton cloth to help maintain your harp’s beautiful wood finish (to avoid the build-up that frequent polishing can create, it is best to use the polish only once every several months). Use a separate clean cotton cloth to wipe off the brass action and pedals of your harp, along with a small soft-bristled brush for dusting the strings nuts and discs. Do not use any type of metal polish or other liquids on the brass action or pedals as it can adversely affect the special protective metal lacquer finish that is applied to these parts at our shop.

We recommend cleaning your harp with a simple 100% cotton cloth. Harp polish can be applied with a cotton cloth to maintain the wooden portions of your harps beautiful wood finish. Be mindful to not over polish to the accumulation of buildup.  Using a second cleaning cloth you can wipe off the brass action and pedals and use a soft brush to dust the string nuts and discs. Don’t use and metal polish or liquids as that can damage the metal lacquer finish.  Robinson's Harp Shop has been working with harps since 1963, if you have any questions about caring for your harp, feel free to cll us and talk to our knowledgeable staff. 

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